Sales Associate

Phone: 510.890.9485
Address: 66 Franklin St #301, Oakland, CA 94607
Brief info

Kim's strong background in customer service has helped her tremendously in her transition to real estate. She loves learning new skills and how to make win/win negotiation deals. She picked real estate selfishly, knowing she will never get bored. This desire helps her advance in this ever-shifting market. Kim is here as an adviser, researcher, educator, negotiator, and much more. Coming to work every day, she is honored to get a chance to improve her craft. She doesn't think that she can have this much fun anywhere else. Kim says that she doesn't just sell real estate: she gets to sell functional art. She loves knowing that beyond helping her clients, she will do her best to ensure they enjoy this beautiful process of owning a home.

Kim is Vietnamese-American and loves the uniqueness of each and every culture she learns about. She loves to travel and explore the wonders of life. Equipped with this strong feeling of wonder since childhood, she explores all mysteries and theories with a burning sense of curiosity. She loves anything self-help related and adores books on the human consciousness. She is an artist when inspiration finds her. She is a foodie and loves music and anything art-related. Her dream is to one day build a custom Japanese-style home with a big garden and a pond, where she will read her favorite books or paint.

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